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Preparing to be a Race Day Beauty on Sunday requires more than just a day of “rush and blush”. Follow our guidelines to look your best and be in the running for a FANTASTIC prize by Jeff Devine Hair Group!

Give yourself a good polish and scrub a few days before the races to make sure your skin is fresh. Be sure to moisturize well to avoid ashy elbows and knees!

Gather all pieces of your outfit a few days before the races and try everything on from underwear to hat. Perhaps even do a dry run with your hair and makeup, this will ensure that you won’t have any last minute emergencies on the day.

Listen to the Golden Rule of race day: Busy dress = Modest Hat; Simple dress = spectacular hat!

Pay attention to weather. Wind and weather can be a challenge for hair, so be sure to choose a style that both complements your outfit and hat, but is also well groomed, and manageable in adverse conditions.

Think about your feet. While heels often make a dress, be sure to have a spare pair of flats handy in case your feet or the terrain does not make them practical. You can always slip on Cinderella’s slippers right before the ball, but be sure to wear them before the big day so you don’t lose one before your bet on Prince Charming if he’s racing that day!


Resemble a fruit. No one wants to look like the US president so please, ladies lay off the orange tanner and show up with a nice bronzy glow. It’s a good idea to get test out your tan a few days before the races to ensure you don’t look like an Umpa Loompa!

Forget your fingers and toes! No one likes to see ragged cuticles, or unpolished piggies. Especially if those fingers will be rocking a gorgeous diamond ring if they win the big prize!
Attention to detail is crucial in a best dressed lady competition!

Over-do it with the makeup. This is a day race, and therefore the sun may be high, so too much makeup and you may look more like a raccoon at the races than a lady of leisure! Try to be subtle with both eye makeup and/or foundation. You want to look your classic best, not like you’re out for a mad hen party with the gals! It’s all about class and finesse.

Wear anything you’re not comfortable or confident in. If you’re not comfortable in what you are wearing, it will show! While we all suffer a bit for fashion, don’t take this to an extreme because if you’re uncomfortable, or confident in your outfit, we won’t be either.

Forget to have fun! More than anything else, this is a day to enjoy the races, have fun with friends, and hopefully bet on a winning horse! So do what you do best and be ready to shine on the day!